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Ah, don&#8217;t you mean &#8216;Oh my God, was that thing Tony Stark said about bongos and bag of weed a Gabriel reference?&#8217;

Ah, don’t you mean ‘Oh my God, was that thing Tony Stark said about bongos and bag of weed a Gabriel reference?’

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Fucks sake, it never ends.

If we’re not about to be killed by an angry Angel of Destruction, then there’s a copy of me leaving cryptic messages and an Angry Hellhound in me.

Always something, eh Crowls?

Shut up, Gabriel.

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Anonymous asked: Gods, I hope you guys figure something out.

We did.

Shitty way to figure things out though.

Would have gotten laid this morning if it were for that hound.

The Eventful Morning - A Crowley and Cas Fanfic

((A quick fic for what happened this morning in the mansion.


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I was really hoping these pictures from the Bachelor party wouldn’t surface.


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It’s quiet.

Cas and Nick had a chat, with a promise to talk more in the morning.

…We’ll see.

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Anonymous asked: I'm worried. What's taking Cas so long? I understand Nick isn't too big on chatting with Luci but forty five minutes is a long time.... Unless of course there's planning going on or something. Or Luci's being an ass as he's apt to be.

Not sure. I don’t hear screaming, I don’t feel anything wrong.

Might just be chatting, you never know.

theprophetandthefangirl asked: It's alright. He's got me pissed off too. He knows something, and I for the life of me can't figure out what it could be. -Becky

Of course you can’t. He’s clever.

Obviously something else is going on… whether it’s him screwing with us to gain the upper hand again or him being freakishly helpful, we won’t know until he makes his move.

Just be cautious.

Off to have a chat with Nick…

I don’t think that’s wise given your current state, Crowley. I’ll go.


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exit-stage-crowley asked: It's not just me. It may be mostly me since I am the main target of his ire. How many times has he flown off the handle since he returned? As for where he came from, I'm not entirely certain myself. In my realm, he's dead, killed when his master was thrown in the cage. -slaps hand over his mouth and his eyes crinkle in amusement as he looks "shocked"-

How was he killed?

And I do not believe your ‘shock’ at all.

exit-stage-crowley asked: You will get your proof soon enough. As for Cerberus, I had nothing to do with that.

Then if you’re so fucking certain, where’d he come from?!

And why is it, whenever Crowley is angry at you, that he begins to act feral?

exit-stage-crowley asked: Remember what I said before all this shit went down? That I'd look after them. That wasn't a lie.I have my reasons and you will soon understand them.


If you wanted to look after them you wouldn’t have brought them to Abbadon! You wouldn’t have hurt Brig and Bobby!

You came to my home afterwards to gloat! And whatever this is this… Cerberus, whatever you call it… You brought it out of me!

Don’t lie to me and expect to get away with it.

I want proof. And if you’ve got none, don’t try.

exit-stage-crowley asked: What's funny?

… Maybe it’s me going soft, but I’m actually disappointed.

I’m disappointed that you turned and sold us out. Disappointed in you.